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Featured Videos

The #1 Tips For Homebuyers
Jessica Edwards shares her #1 tip on how to be best prepared when buying a house. 

Have You Picked the Right Agent
Jessica Edwards explains how you know that you've picked the right agent.


Mortgage Pre-Approval
Jessica Edwards explains why getting mortgage pre-approval is so important. 

What is a Pre-Approved Mortgage
Jessica Edwards with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage explains what a pre-approved mortgage is.


What are Title and Escrow?
Not sure what title and escrow are? Jessica Edwards with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage Fills you in

What is a Walk-Thru?
Jessica Edwards of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage answers the question: what is a walk-thru?


Making an Offer
Jessica Edwards details the process and ramifications of making an offer on a house.

What are Home Inspections?
Home inspections can be complicated. Watch as Jessica Edwards explains what it is. 

What is a Mortgage?
Watch as Jessica Edwards for Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage explains what a mortgage is.

Why is it Important to Understand Interest Rates?
Jessica Edwards explains why it is important to understand interest rates and how they impact your monthly payment.


What Happens at a Closing on a Home?
Find out how the process differs by state and typically involved hiring an attorney or an escrow company. 

What is the Best Way to Select a Real Estate professional?
Find a trustworthy real estate agent that is experienced, responsive to your needs and communicates openly. 


Open House Visits
Learn how to make the most out of your next visit to an
open house. 

The Hunt City vs Suburbs- Pt. 1 
A Chicago couple is on the hunt for a home
with a bit more space. 


The Hunt City vs Suburbs- Pt. 2
A Chicago couple heads out to the suburbs to see if they can leave the city life. 

First Time Buyer Tips and Advice
Key tips and advice for first time home buyers from expert agent Jessica Edwards. 


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